Introducing Joseph Petersen, stream ‘Brothers’, new EP out March 11

On March 11th we introduce Joseph Petersen to the label with ‘Wishbone’ a six track EP of wild sonic adventures – a unique and inventive blurring of genre boundaries with orchestral drone, squashed hip hop and dance floor fusions heavy with synth melodies, guitars, tough percussion and a restless energy that is present in every track. A highly individual and experimental release that finds a perfect home on Donky Pitch. Stream the first single ‘Brothers’ below, pre-order the EP here.

Joe Petersen is a 17 year old producer from New Orleans, he developed his interest in music from his parents – his father being a well respected Jazz musician – and creates music that is a reflection of his environment. Influenced as much by American folk, Cuban rhythms and hardcore, as he is by electronic music, he has put out numerous self released mix tapes of original material and released on Black Link Sound.