V.C. | The Trick

dky013Released: September 20, 2011

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Recorded in late 2010 and mixed in a remote studio during the Finnish snowstorms of early 2011, we present ‘The Trick EP’, by Helsinki resident and skweee pioneer V.C. Six original tracks of synth soaked computer funk, electro inspired slow jams and colourful hip hop heaters.

V.C. has been making moves in the skweee scene since the early days (as a solo artist and as 1/4 of supergroup Yöt). His combination of layered synths, hip hop beats and that type of funk only found in the cold reaches of the Nordic region have scored him releases on every skweee label going (Flogsta Danshall/Harmönia/Mässy/Dødpop/Disques Mazout) as well as Ramp Recordings. We felt it only right that he commanded our first true foray into the Scandinavian electro funk sound of skweee.

Niño | Clase de 1984

dky013Released: May 23, 2011

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For our second release we turn to Barcelona’s Niño for an EP soaked in melody, bass, funk and those kind of synthlines that make us Donkys go weak at the knees.

Across his five tracks you will find shuddering beats and bass lines, explosions of synth filled colour, tinges of R&B, a small helping of boogie and flecks of funk that when combined sound like he has squeezed the famous Spanish sunshine straight through his Micro Korg and onto this here record.

Having featured on numerous releases from Dødpop Records, alongside releases on Galleta, Niño has been steadily building himself a reputation as Spain’s premier exponent of the synth funk sound known by many as skweee. But as you will hear, Niño’s sound goes far beyond this simple genre tag.

Remixes come from Big Dada’s synth crunk don Offshore, DC recordings / Black Acre’s Kelpe, who flips Innsmouth perfectly to a skittering house tempo, and upcoming Dutch producer KRSUR.